Barista Skills - Coffee Course


The Basic Coffee Course aims to provide the student with all the theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare an espresso and a cappuccino of good quality, respecting the culture promoted by the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association. 
This course is also valid for the preparation of the Coffee Diploma System certification "Coffee Introduction" and "Barista Skills Foundation".
At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.
Theoretical, collective, practice course with compulsory attendance. 

Program of the course: COFFEE CHAIN

Botany: the species, the varieties, the origins of coffee 
History: where coffee was born and what has evolved to this day 
Machining: methods of collection and processing 
Decaffeinated: Technical knowledge of decafeinization
Toasting: knowledge of the various types of roasting and roasting evolutions 

Knowledge of espresso coffee machine 
Macinadorator, on-demand grinder (coffee grinder) 
Knowledge of water treatment (softening) 
Knowledge of the various extraction methods (V60, Chemex, frenchpress, press airplane, etc.) 
Learning the equipment of use (manual press, brush, espresso cups, cappuccino cups, sponges, etc.) 

Technique to prepare a balanced espresso 
Handling workstation, service, cleaning at work. 

Overview of the various types of milk on the market 
Knowledge of milk
Frame technique 
Milk handle and pouring technique in cup 
Making traditional cappuccino
Knowledge of various drinks with espresso-based milk
Service technique (eg: what to prepare first and how to serve the customer)

Customer Management
Sales technique 
Costs / raw material choice 

Coffee machine, small grinder, minuteria, ordinary with specific products

Barista Skills - Coffee Course

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